Artist Tania Maria Mastroianni has a penchant for creating wonderfully evocative exhibition titles that perfectly capture and express the ideas that pervade her art work. Her latest exhibition Hapless Times at the Gates of Euphoria continues her exploration of worlds that reside just outside our everyday consciousness and experience.

Through her exhibition Tania invites us into her innermost sanctuary, a doorway into another world that is at once familiar and foreboding. It is a refuge where the sacred and the profane vie for dominance and the viewer is enticed by sometimes unsettling ideas and imagery that both transcend the humdrum of the commonplace as well as exemplify the mundanity of everyday life.

As always Tania’s work contains a strong element of autobiography which lends the imagery both a personal resonance and authorial power. The exhibition places the viewer in the role of voyeur and is made a complicit accomplice delving into the artist’s mind and uncovering small secrets and a multiplicity of ideas which are the culmination of the artist’s journey down a road less travelled.

Wollongong Art Gallery is very pleased to present Hapless Times at the Gates of Euphoria an exhibition that provides us a delicate glimpse through the ‘thinning veil between the worlds’, a mystical place of ritual somewhere between human consciousness and divine reality.

- John Monteleone, Wollongong Art Gallery 2016

 Installation 2017     
 Maria & Madge, 2016      
 Portrait as Persephone (and a queen 12 times before) 2016     
 Portrait of Nova and Hallie, 2016     
 Studio shot, Artist-in-Residence Wollongong Art Gallery, 2016