The Sanctuary (of Roses, Love & Loathing) Solo installation at Wollongong Art Gallery, 2014

This installation was miraculously conceived from the pledge made to The Madonna Of Loreto and later to The Madonna Dell' Divan Amore (The Madonna Of Divine Love), Rome. It is votive (be it and/or either an - ex votive). It is my testimony and "P.G.R" means Per Grazia Ricevuta -  For Grace Received. 
The work sits some where between the sacred and the profane. Somewhere between life and death; good and evil, light and dark, male and female, order and chaos, strength and fragility, past and present, Wollongong and Rome. Be it what our brain perceives as beauty, or that which it perceives as fear summoned on an altar, a shrine or in a prayer. With ritualistic make shift references to Roman Catholic churches, secrete charms, witchcraft, spells, testimonies, pagan practises, human hope and sorrow. With an interplay of roses, ribbons, hair, dolls, pleas, pins, children's teeth and symmetrical digitally tampered images. Not unlike those said to be employed by The Illuminati in popular media, so as to shatter our collective and individual identities. It represents the layers of lives, histories, and how complexities nest and then can come together in one relatively small time and space -  The Sanctuary (of Roses, Love & Loathing).

- Tania Maria Mastroianni 2014